Let’s Keep These Beautiful Parks Open

Texas State Parks are hurting financially. Suffering a $4.6 million shortfall, some of them may face closure. The best way we can support these beautiful parks is to visit them. If you are not a camper, make it a day trip and explore the hiking trails and beautiful scenery. Many of them are less than a couple of hours away. Pedernales Falls is 35 miles west of Austin. We can usually travel to Inks Lake within 45 minutes. I hope my pictures and blog posts will inspire you to visit at least one state park this year. I promise you will not be disappointed.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Keep These Beautiful Parks Open”

    1. Let me know how your trip goes! I was happy to see water, but glad it was low enough to see all the rock formations made over the years by the rushing water. I would love to see your pics when you get back!

  1. Just wondering if you’ve been to Blanco State Park, the smallest Texas State Park. This park has a great story. If you go, you should take the morning guided hike and hear it.

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