Life Is Better Outside

I wonder sometimes why it took me so long to get back into camping. I camped with my family as a child every summer at Inks Lake State Park. For a week we would live outside. I loved exploring. I loved the water, sitting under a tree or by the water, catching frogs and turtles, or just watching and taking it all in. I always made new friends. Everything was better outside, the food was better, the games were more fun, reading, sleeping, you name it. People are better outside, too.

I knew this as a child. Get home from school, go outside. Bored, go outside. Angry, go outside. Sad, go outside. Lonely, go outside. When my girls were babies, if they wouldn’t stop crying and I had tried everything else, I would take them outside. Most of the time it worked like magic. They would calm down, open their eyes and look around. I’m like that, too. When I go outside, I feel better. There is something about being a part of nature that feeds my soul and renews my spirit. I feel more spiritually connected when I’m camping than at any other time.  The more I separate myself from nature, the more anxious, sad and fearful I become. Going outside changes all of that. Suddenly anything feels possible and I am part of something bigger, more meaningful. I am connected, peaceful, and happy.

So I’m trying to remember all the wisdom I held as a child and forgot when I became an adult, but this one is pretty simple. When life gets too overwhelming, if I’m feeling unbalanced, anxious, or disconnected, the last thing I need to do is surround myself with four walls. All I really need to do is go outside.


12 thoughts on “Life Is Better Outside”

  1. Awesome insight…and how true!

    It’s good to see another n00b in the blogworld…I just started too.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures and writing about a few of my own.

    Happy Trails!

    1. Thank you, I have really enjoyed reading your blog as well! I was happy to find it. I am trying to get our family interested in backpacking. A new camping adventure! Have you ever camped in Colorado? We are considering that as an option for summer vacation this year.

      1. I haven’t officially camped in CO, but right before I moved to San Diego, I spent about a week driving I-70 and I-9. Would just find a dirt road and drive until I found a suitable place to set up camp and explore. My favorite place was the Arapaho Valley.

        The drive on I-70, through CO was pretty neat as well. As far as freeways go, imo, I-70 is one of the most scenic.

        Thanks again for the kind words!

        Looking forward to seeing what you guys decide on…

  2. “All I really need to do is go outside.” Well said! We often lose sight of the enormous benefits associated with this one simple act: just go outside.

  3. Thank you for the kind comment and for “dropping by”. I think going outside can solve just about anything. At least, it has in my experience. I am enjoying your blog! The next best thing to being outside is connecting with other outdoor enthusiasts and reading about their experiences. Thank you again!

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Life Is Better Outside

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